Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Shaw Family Tree

Welcome to this weblog (tree?) which I thought I might use to give details of my family tree researches.


roverp6man said...

Hi I would like to get in contact with the son of James Shaw, who authored the webpages about James Shaw and his vehicles. I am particularly interested in the Rover P6's. You can contact me by email or by phone 01902 689975
warmest regards
Mark Gray
Editor, Driving Force
The Rover P6 Club

anneoleary said...

Came across your web tree when searching for information on Ramoan Frm - where my grandmother - Janet Shaw Young - was born.
Her mother - Agnes Shaw.
I have a copy of the photograph you refer to showing Fr Shaw at the farm in 1937!
Please do get in touch.

kandy said...

Hi! I would like to know if you have any information on a Francine Shaw-Fridstrom. I'm trying to do a family tree for my future husband.She was born in Chicago,Il in 1931, and died there in 1967.Please let me know one way or the other.Thank you!

kandy said...

Hi! I'm looking for anything I can find on my future husbands' mother.He was only three when she died,and doesn't know much about her.Her name is Francine Shaw-Fridstrom. She was born in 1931, and died in 1967.All in Illinois.Please e-mail me one way or the other.Thank you,Kandy