Monday, 13 August 2007

Deed of Settlement

James Shaw, farmer at Glenhead, died 6th August 1854. He left a Deed of Settlement dated 17th December 1841 in which he stated that he was granted the lease of Glenhead from Vice Admiral The Hon. Charles Elphinstone Fleeming on for 19 years 'from and after the terms of Martimas 1843 and Whitsunday 1834'. Previously the farm had been held by an Allan Stirling.

James intended that the farm would pass to his sons James and Joseph. He stated that he had already made 'suitable provision' for his children, Thomas, John, Mary, Jean, Janet, Elizabeth, Isabella and Ann.Thirty pounds was also to be paid to James, his grandson, son of Thomas, four months after the death of the eldest survivor of himself or his wife Janet.

In a Codicil drawn up at Glenhead on 14th August 1850, James, considering that he had now made 'ample provision' for his son Joseph, his other nominated son, James, would become his sole executor. Presumably Joseph had by this date moved on to his own farm at Stand, having got married to Agnes Waugh from Crowbank on 13th July 1846.

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