Monday, 20 August 2007

Andrew Whitecross

Andrew Whitecross was the father of Margaret Whitecross who married my greatgrandfather James Shaw ('grandpa' Shaw). Earlier research had revealed that Andrew was a 'factor' or overseer at Ward Park, Cumbernauld when James Shaw married Margaret.

Some while ago I came across a website produced by Richard Anderson in which he revealed that his ancestors had farmed at Carrickstone. In his research he had found that Joseph Shaw and Agnes Waugh were tenants there in 1881. As a result I got in touch with Richard and he sent me some recent pictures of the farmhouse at Carrickstone (all that remains). Recently Richard had been researching the 'Scotsman' archives and he found an advertisment from December 1864 announcing that 'The Farm of Carrickstone' on the Cumbernauld Estate was available for letting. It is most likely that at this time that Joseph and Agnes Shaw moved from Stand Farm back to Cumbernauld. What adds special interest is that Andrew Whitecross is named in the advertisment as the Overseer 'who will point out the lands'.

Nearly eleven years later Joseph's eldest son James would marry the landord's agent's eldest daughter Margaret and as a result 'Whitecross' found its way into many a 'Shaw's name.

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