Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Barbara Slimon Whitecross

Barbara Slimon was the wife of Andrew Whitecross, my great great grandfather. I had noticed that her Testament was available on line but hadn't been too concerned because I had already read that of her husband Andrew. However, going back to doing some more research after a break of several months, I decided to 'tidy up' that loose end.

In large part Barbara's testament is a joint affair with Andrew, who she predeceased, (Barbara died 1st October 1893; Andrew died 11th January 1900). There are several bequests that are made that presumably were honoured at the time of Andrew's death although not given in his (supplemental) testament.

Of special interest are the family bible belonging to Andrew's grandfather which was to pass to their son Thomas and a gold pencil case which was to go to their grandson Andrew Whitecross Shaw. The pencil case was a gift from the Hon. Cornwallis Maud of Dundrum, Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland. Various other pieces are mentioned as being gifts received on the occasion of leaving Cumbernauld. This is interesting as it could explain why I can find no trace of Andrew and Barbara in the 1881 Census. It is possible that, following the death of Admiral Fleeming and the sale of the Cumbernauld Estate to William Burns, Andrew may have been offered employment with Cornwallis Maud, who was the husband of Admiral Fleeming's daughter.

I was aware that Andrew and Barbara's youngest daughter Annie was married to Philip Taylor and that they in turn had children Marion and Philip who had lived in Northern Ireland. Could this Irish connection have been a result of Andrew working on the Dundrum estate? Neither Marion or Philip are mentioned in Barbara's testament but grandchildren Andrew James Taylor and Barbara Slimon Taylor are. That could suggest either that Andrew and Barbara Taylor are elder children, or, maybe more likely that being named for your grandparents is important! There is further evidence for this system of gifting when it is realised that while Andrew Whitecross Shaw received the pencil case his elder siblings Joseph, Barbara and Agnes received nothing! (On that basis Barbara Slimon Shaw surely missed out, as did younger siblings Thomas Whitecross Shaw and Margaret Whitecross Shaw).

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